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Meet Ken, from Next Level Digital. Transforming your brand by delivering powerful websites, with killer SEO, and leading creative marketing strategies.

Our holistic approach is designed to not only enhance your visibility but also to drive meaningful leads, increase sales, and amplify brand awareness—delivering measurable results that matter.

Ken Wilkinson - Next Level Digital Australia
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Ken Wilkinson - Next Level Digital Australia

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Website Design & Development
SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
Marketing & Advertising
Branding & Logo Design

Web Design

We build amazing websites for <white-text>medium to large businesses<white-text> and even startups. We utilise tools such as;

  • <white-text>Webflow<white-text>
  • <white-text>Shopify<white-text>
  • <white-text>Bubble<white-text>

To achieve next level experiences that convert, <white-text>driving your business more sales, leads<white-text> and <white-text>growth<white-text>.

We make sure your site performs its best, with <white-text>fast page speed times, great SEO<white-text> and most importantly happy <white-text>customers that convert.<white-text>

<white-text>Not needing a new site? No problem.<white-text> We also optimise client sites regularly with our proven <white-text>CRO (conversion rate optimisation)<white-text> techniques. Guaranteed to increase your conversion rate.

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Web Design


<white-text>Search engine optimisation<white-text> plays a key role in setting your business up for success online. Who doesn't want organic traffic streaming in and customers finding you easily online?

We optimise your site for <white-text>organic traffic<white-text> from sources like; <white-text>Google, Bing and Yahoo<white-text>. We have a proven SEO strategy for our clients, which involves looking at key factors such as;

  • <white-text>Page Load Speed<white-text>, CLS, TTL and more
  • <white-text>Correct page structure<white-text>, with a readable sitemap
  • <white-text>Images<white-text> are compressed and are web friendly
  • <white-text>Metadata<white-text> is added and valid
  • <white-text>Accessibility<white-text> to your site with proper ALT tags, item IDs and focus states
  • <white-text>Schema Markup<white-text> installed and valid
  • <white-text>New content<white-text> is being added to the site, showing it isn’t stagnant. eg. Blogs, new images, staff information and business news/updates
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Are you wanting to bring in more leads? More sales? Next Level Digital offers:

  • <white-text>Paid advertising management<white-text> - Google, Meta, LinkedIn, Pinterest Ads
  • <white-text>Email<white-text> marketing - MailChimp, Klaviyo, SendGrid and more.
  • <white-text>Social media<white-text> marketing, with creator sourcing and management
  • <white-text>Growth strategising<white-text> - planning how we can use best practices and our tools to help grow your business exponentially.

We develop and implement known strategies across your campaigns. This delivers you <white-text>more leads, sales<white-text> and <white-text>site traffic<white-text>, helping <white-text>increase your brands awareness.<white-text>

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Logo's & Branding

<white-text>Branding is the core of any business.<white-text> Meaning, getting it right is crucial for your businesses success. We can design you just a logo or help with the entire branding process.

Branding encompasses:

  • A three tier <white-text>logo<white-text>
  • <white-text>Brand guidelines<white-text> - how to use your logo, fonts, colours and more
  • <white-text>Brand messaging<white-text> - what is the tone of voice, what archetype does your brand fit in to?
  • <white-text>Marketing & physical<white-text> - Business cards, email signatures, packaging and more. Basically anything your customer touches or sees.
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Logo's & Branding


myBabySitter - iPad Demo

Building a Platform for Carers to Connect with Families

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Platform development
Recycling Enterprises - Business Cards
Recycling Enterprises

Reinventing a Brand & Standing out

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Web design / branding

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Florin Belbe

Florin Belbe


The platform we needed to be built <white-text>was no small task<white-text>, but <white-text>Next Level Digital<white-text> delivered. We have no hesitations in recommending them, <white-text>great work.<white-text>

Amazing work. Just incredible what has been delivered. We have seen a <white-text>3-4x boost in conversions<white-text> minimum. Couldn't be more happy.

Paul Harazim

Paul Harazim


<white-text>I highly recommend<white-text> Next Level Digital for their outstanding web design and marketing services. <white-text>The attention to detail and dedication to their clients is unmatched.<white-text> We are thrilled with the results.

Leanne Sullivan

Leanne Sullivan

Trans-Ax Health Care

We reached out to Next Level Digital for some <white-text>marketing advice and tech support.<white-text> We are <white-text>more than happy<white-text> with the level of service and ease of communication.

Maichel Ghobrial

Maichel Ghobrial

Tweed Physio

It has been our pleasure to work with Ken. <white-text>His work speaks for it self!<white-text> Not only has he done an amazing job with our website design, his marketing skills have also <white-text>helped our business greatly with google ranking.<white-text>

Frequently asked questions

What types of projects do you take on?

We usually work on <white-text>B2C websites, e-commerce and bespoke web applications<white-text>, such as membership sites - this is where we shine best. We also work with smaller businesses and people to achieve their goals, no matter the size of the project.

To see if you're a good fit, contact our team today to organise a <white-text>free 30min meeting<white-text> to discuss.

How much do you charge for projects?

Projects vary according to the work involved, services required and more.

That's why we schedule in a <white-text>free 30min meeting<white-text> to listen to your ideas and concerns, questions, and what you need from us.

If we can help, <white-text>we provide a quote<white-text> - so that you know exactly what you're going to receive and can expect.

We ask for <white-text>50% on acceptance of the quote.<white-text> This is to lock in the time required to work on the project. The <white-text>remaining 50% should be paid no later than the delivery date<white-text> - nice and simple!

Where are you located?

We are based in the <white-text>Gold Coast, QLD, Australia (GMT+10:00)<white-text>, and work with brands all across the globe.

What is it like to work with you?

<white-text>We kick off with a discovery session with you and your team.<white-text> This can be done over email or zoom, but it's usually easier to do in person, so we're up to scratch with your business's needs and what you offer.

<white-text>We look at your market<white-text> and how you'd like to position yourself relative to your competition. <white-text>We factor in current solutions, designs, gaps and more.<white-text> From this, it guides the process going forward, whether it be a website, branding set, logo, or otherwise.

<white-text>We are all about transparency.<white-text> We will keep you up to date with changes, questions we have, and how the project is progressing.

On delivery we will be sure to run you over all the design decisions, files you may need, and training if applicable.

If this sound like something you'd like to learn more about, or just want to reach out and enquire.

What if we need help after our project is completed?

<white-text>We prefer to continue working with our clients<white-text>, even on an as needed basis.

Typically we find clients come to us for one solution and want to then expand on what we deliver incrementally over time.