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Building a Community & Platform for Carers

Nov 2020 - Ongoing
Building a Community & Platform for Carers


myBabySitter is the number 1 carer site in Australia that offers a secure, affordable way to find local babysitters, nannies, au pairs and more. Connecting families and hirers.

myBabySitter Homepage - A warm and inviting landing page, that quickly tells you about the platform, what's on offer, and the ability to start searching right away.

1. Context & Challenge

Project Background

We had an enquiry from a customer who had a concept of a carer site that would offer multiple services under the caring brand. These included;

  • Babysitters
  • Nannies
  • Au Pairs
  • Tutors
  • Pet Sitters
  • Aged Carers
  • Disability Workers

Project Goals and Objectives

The aim of this carer first platform was to offer the ability for carers and parents to be able to post listings, either offering work or requesting a carer. All while assigning members listings, saved profiles, saved listings and more. So that each account was their own and reflected what they wanted to see.

Some key objectives during our meetings were;

  1. Scalability - the ability to scale from hundreds of members to tens of thousands of users, without needing to start again with a new website.
  2. Payments - the ability to take payments and set subscriptions for members. Then change account settings for members according to their plan.
  3. Messaging - the site must have a built in messaging portal so users stay on the site as much as possible.
  4. Admin Dashboard - a birds eye view of the site. See member count, paying members, listings, emailing out to users, bulk editing and overriding options.

2. The Process

When doing new or refreshing existing websites, we have an initial meeting with every client in person. Ideally the whole team, as this captures more ideas, concerns and feedback, as your team knows your business well. We listen, we hear what is working, what isn’t and what your customers have said they’ve had issues with or wished your site could offer. eg. Booking online, availability, easier contact methods, quick quotes, and more. This is when we discuss timelines and achievables.

We then take this away with us, brainstorm, focus on ways to funnel customers through the site more efficiently. We research your competitors and what is already being done currently. This is then taken to make your website plan, sitemap and strategy to make your business stand out and perform better than any one else’s site.

Feedback is crucial. So when presenting the website plan to your business, we then take additional feedback and concerns before the site development begins. Usually websites have between 3-7 reviews before being ready to publish. We strive for the most modern and professional sites for our clients. Sites that not only perform but help drive your business forward.

3. The Results


Since launching the myBabySitter platform, they have;

  • Registered thousands of members, paying in the thousands
  • Built a community of carer professionals
  • Been able to easy manage, update and navigate with the built in admin dashboard

See the before and after examples below, with reasoning behind the changes - a glimpse of how we think different.


Mobile Pages - Some of the key pages are shown above. Showcasing the consistent design language, easy navigation with the dropdown menu and dropdown search - accessible on all pages. The site is designed to be minimal with the most critical information shown. You can also see in the bottom right, the dashboard. This is one of the many member only pages, once logged in. Once logged in on mobile, you also get a bottom menu with five of the most popular buttons for quick navigation.


Homepage (Signed out) - As mentioned above, this is a warm and inviting landing page, that quickly tells you about the platform, what's on offer, and the ability to start searching right away.
Homepage (Logged In) - In the top right, you can see the menu changes to reflect. We focus on new listings being created and easy navigation to the most crucial member only pages.


Listings - A simple and intuitive search, starting at the top - choose your carer type, such as a babysitter, and your location of choice, then hit search. On the left, choose to show carer listings or parent listings. Finally on the right, filter the listings, with hourly rate, age, gender and more. Our card design clearly separates members listings, while showing everything you need to know before clicking on them, saving them for later or chatting straight from this page.
Carer Listing - The carer listing dynamically updates according to what the member chooses to post. They can choose from 7 carer categories to post under, offer services under them, choose their availability and set their hourly rate. Reviews from other members will also show here and under their profile image as a star rating.

Log in

Log in - Members can easily log in and have the site remember their log in email. The sign up, password reset, and account setup pages all have the same design so the members can easily identify these page types.


Plans - We call the user to action with the questions and make it easy for new users or existing to "Get Started" with the button under each plan. If users are already logged in and wish to sign up for a paid plan, they are redirected straight to Stripe for payment and quick account upgrading. You can also see in under the carer plans on the right, this user is on the "Carer Standard" plan, due to the card being highlighted for them.

Member only Pages

Dashboard - This is the default member page after logging in. From here we have quick links at the top, so the member doesn't even have to go to the account dropdown in the top right. They can also scroll down and see their favourite listings, recommended listings, saved profiles, and saved articles.
My Listings - A clear direction is important. The member has only one option on this page when getting started. After creating more than one listing they will be shown on the right, with settings for the listing such as; edit, pause, feature (paid option), and delete. Any deleted listing is shown underneath the active listings, so that the user may be able to repost them again. No listings is ever truly deleted as it is important to keep them for a safety record if ever reported.
Messaging Portal - myBabySitter has its own custom messaging portal built into the site. It works as expected, similar to ones like Gumtree or Facebook Messenger. It is important for the design to feel familiar and easily navigated, otherwise this could be a pain point for customers. Which we don't want, since this is the most important page on the entire site. Members can text and send messages, with email notifications being sent for each new message (can be disabled in settings). We also try to promote the members profile they are chatting with. All members have a profile, regardless if they have zero or ten listings. That way they can always be found. Also, leaving a review is important to remind members.
Settings - We keep this simple. Members have four tabs on the left to choose from. General is shown above and is straight forward. Account is changing the current email or password, logging out all other devices, or deleting the account. Notifications is for email notifications such as; new messages, reviews, website updates and more. Lastly, Billing always members to see the plan they're on, change plans, see the plan period, and see, edit or delete the card on file.

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