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Mar - Jul 2021
Jobs Listing Platform Development


Jobs Directory is a platform for posting and searching for jobs. This website was quite involved as it not only had strict visual and functional requirements. But it also had to manage user accounts, users purchasing credits, and to then post to the site. This type of functionality can be time intensive due to the complexity of a site of this nature.

Homepage Landing

1. Context & Challenge

Project Background

We were approached to build a job listing website, that would offer an alternative to existing job sites on the market currently. It had to be unique and meet certain requirements to be received well by the client. We had a tight timeline of no more than 4 months to build out this platform, from the initial meeting to delivery. We're happy to say we delivered on time with the client more than happy with what was delivered.

Project Goals and Objectives

For the Jobs Directory platform, we had several factors to adhere to;

  • A list of pages needed to design and build
  • USP's (Unique Selling Points) - such as a quicker way to navigate job listings (shown below -  'Quickview'), and a unified powerful dashboard for businesses and job seekers.
  • Branding - Logo, colour scheme, brand message and socials
  • Accepting payments
  • Site advertising through google

2. The Process

Several meeting, brainstorming sessions were taken with the client before proceeding past the design stage. We looked at branding first, comparing and placing Jobs Directory in the market against its competitors. We ideally chose a shades of green to contrast the brand and help keep the platform gender neutral as much as possible. Our goal was to make the brand feel comfortable to all who use it.

Final Jobs Directory Logotype

After several meetings, we came away with the final brand, including its colours and logo's. We now had a structured list of requirements to proceed with. This allowed us to design mockups for every page of the website, to then go away with and bounce ideas off the client until they were happy.

Once the client was happy with the final designs, building the site began which included;

  • Building the front end
  • Database design (backend)
  • Logic and workflows behind the site
  • Email integrations
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Advertisements built into the site

Finally, on delivery the client only had some minor notes that needed changing. Such as copy, button layout and some minor functionality improvements. We were more than happy to make these changes and deliver the platform on time and on budget.

3. The Results


This is what you've wanted to see! Us too. We will cover some of the core pages and functionality below, and explain our thoughts behind the final website.

Job Search

The Job search page is the core of the website. As the most important page, there was a lot of caretaking with the design and ease of use here.

We innovated by using a card layout that highlights the  most critical information about each job. The job title stands out first, as it is the first thing any job seeker wants to see.

Next we clearly display the business name, employment type, pay on offer (if disclosed), location of the job, any tags used and how recent was it posted.

The user can also easily share the job or save it for later.

Like any Jobsearch, it also has all basic functionality, such as; a search bar for both job search and location, filtering and sorting.

We also were able to integrate a dark mode throughout the entire website. The user can manually turn this feature on and off as they like. It is off by default to make the site frictionless.


Another way we innovated was by - when clicking on a job, rather than redirecting the user to another page and waiting a fraction of a second for that page to load (which can take longer, depending on page load speed), we show what we call quickview.

Quickview allows a pop-up of the job to show with all the job information. The benefits of this is that it is almost instant and you never lose where you are on the site.

It also allows you to stay in this view, and use the arrows on screen to power search through the listings, without closing the pop-up window.

Mobile Experience

We spent a lot of time focusing on what a great mobile experience would look like, as over 60% of mobile traffic is now done through a mobile device. Again we wanted it to be seamless and frictionless for the job seeker, when looking for jobs. We are getting off at all critical information first, speeding up the job search process and making customers on the side enjoy their experience that little bit more.

Quickview Job Listings on Mobile

Overall, both Honey Design and Jobs Directory were extremely pleased with the outcome and how well the site came together. We look forward to continuing to work with them into the future.

If you are looking for a website refresh or a new site all together, contact us today to get started.