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Custom Ecommerce Website

Apr - Nov 2021
Custom Ecommerce Website


Roadpod provides Australia’s transportation and logistics industries the most efficient, cost-effective containerised system for manufacturing plants and freight distribution, by quickly and easily converting trucks and utility trailers into multi-use vehicles.

New Homepage Design - Showcasing an Interactive Experience with one of their products. Without scrolling or even reading the main text, customers can instantly see and understand what Roadpod is.

1. Context & Challenge

Project Background

Roadpod approached us to design and develop an entirely new website, giving an outside perspective on their business. They understand the business, products and everything there's to know.

Project Goals and Objectives - Why a new site?

This becomes the problem they noticed, the message of how the product works and can benefit their customer was being lost in the old website, through poor layout, excessive text and confusing navigation. We aimed to look at their business and website from a new angle and offer a custom and engaging experience for their customers.

A few key reasons stood out during our discovery process;

  1. They required a clear focus and straightforward way to get into contact with the Roadpod team. Doing this increased conversion rates, since customers could easily ask questions and seek quotes effortlessly.
  2. One page to see the range of products on offer.
  3. An interactive 3D Roadpod building tool - to allow customers to visualise how the Roadpod would look, function and work with modular components.

2. The Process

When doing new or refreshing existing websites, we have an initial meeting with every client in person. Ideally the whole team, as this captures more ideas, concerns and feedback, as your team knows your business well. We listen, we hear what is working, what isn’t and what your customers have said they’ve had issues with or wished your site could offer. eg. Booking online, availability, easier contact methods, quick quotes, and more. This is when we discuss timelines and achievables.

We then take this away with us, brainstorm, focus on ways to funnel customers through the site more efficiently. We research your competitors and what is already being done currently. This is then taken to make your website plan, sitemap and strategy to make your business stand out and perform better than any one else’s site.

Feedback is crucial. So when presenting the website plan to your business, we then take additional feedback and concerns before the site development begins. Usually websites have between 3-7 reviews before being ready to publish. We strive for the most modern and professional sites for our clients. Sites that not only perform but help drive your business forward.

3. The Results

Visit: www.roadpod.com.au

Since launching the new website for Roadpod, they have;

  • Been able to easily add, change and remove products on their site
  • Communicate and understand clearly their customer requirements
  • A site that is easier to update text and images on, with no plugin clashing or maintenance issues for the client
  • Educating the customers on how Roadpod works

See the before and after examples below, with reasoning behind the changes - a glimpse of how we think different.


New Mobile Experience - Desktop scales down to mobile to offer the same great experience.


Old Homepage - Dark, text hard to read, and overwhelming navigation.
New Homepage - Reflects brand image, strong contrast and engaging, with a clear navigation.

Roadpod Models/Products Page

Old Models Page - There was no unified page to see all the models on the old website. Above, this is the "Industrial" Roadpod category. These 5 models pictured do not have individual product pages, which makes it confusing and hard for the customer to communicate expectations and questions of the products.
New Models & Accessories Collection Page - One page showcasing all the models and accessories on offer, broken down into their categories for specific industries. This makes the customer experience a breeze, being able to filter and work out what model would work for them, see specifications and then navigate to a dedicated product page.
New Interactive 3D Builder tool - Educating the customer that this tool is available and what it does. Explained further two images below.
New Dedicated Model Page - The customer can quickly understand the product or accessories key features, model number, specifications, and who it would be suited for. Enquiring is even simpler, with a sticky sidebar on the right never leaving your sight. You can enter your details and even request optional extras. This custom ecommerce experience is key. Roadpod are selling products yes, but there are not needing a cart or checkout, as these are high ticket, bulky items. Similar in ways to a car manufacturers website.
New Interactive 3D Builder - On specific models you can move the model in 3D space, spin, zoom and even use your model to see it in front of you in Augmented Reality. You are also able to add and remove accessories to see how they affect the build. Requiring one less step in the communication between the customer and Roadpod team.


Old Contact Page - While functional, it lacked brand consistency and deterred customers reaching out.
New Contact Page - The new contact page helps navigate customers without them having to think. Are they after a quote? If so, redirect them straight away before filling out the contact form. Are they wanting more traditional contact methods, such as; email, phone, or dropping by? Then that information is up front for them. Lastly, if they want to learn more or reach out through social channels - this is also an option. This way we keep the customer happy and guarantee a pleasant experience.

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