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We’re Next Level Digital, a digital design agency specialising in; web design, SEO, and paid advertising (Google, Facebook, Instagram ads). We help brands thrive online!

Web Design

Web Design

We build amazing websites for <white-text>medium to large businesses<white-text> and even startups. We utilise tools such as;

  • <white-text>Webflow<white-text>
  • <white-text>Shopify<white-text>
  • <white-text>Bubble<white-text>

To achieve next level experiences that convert, <white-text>driving your business more sales, leads<white-text> and <white-text>growth<white-text>.

We make sure your site performs its best, with <white-text>fast page speed times, great SEO<white-text> and most importantly happy <white-text>customers that convert.<white-text>

<white-text>Not needing a new site? No problem.<white-text> We also optimise client sites regularly with our proven <white-text>CRO (conversion rate optimisation)<white-text> techniques. Guaranteed to increase your conversion rate.

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Web Design


<white-text>Search engine optimisation<white-text> plays a key role in setting your business up for success online. Who doesn't want organic traffic streaming in and customers finding you easily online?

We optimise your site for <white-text>organic traffic<white-text> from sources like; <white-text>Google, Bing and Yahoo<white-text>. We have a proven SEO strategy for our clients, which involves looking at key factors such as;

  • <white-text>Page Load Speed<white-text>, CLS, TTL and more
  • <white-text>Correct page structure<white-text>, with a readable sitemap
  • <white-text>Images<white-text> are compressed and are web friendly
  • <white-text>Metadata<white-text> is added and valid
  • <white-text>Accessibility<white-text> to your site with proper ALT tags, item IDs and focus states
  • <white-text>Schema Markup<white-text> installed and valid
  • <white-text>New content<white-text> is being added to the site, showing it isn’t stagnant. eg. Blogs, new images, staff information and business news/updates
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Are you wanting to bring in more leads? More sales? Next Level Digital offers:

  • <white-text>Paid advertising management<white-text> - Google, Meta, LinkedIn, Pinterest Ads
  • <white-text>Email<white-text> marketing - MailChimp, Klaviyo, SendGrid and more.
  • <white-text>Social media<white-text> marketing, with creator sourcing and management
  • <white-text>Growth strategising<white-text> - planning how we can use best practices and our tools to help grow your business exponentially.

We develop and implement known strategies across your campaigns. This delivers you <white-text>more leads, sales<white-text> and <white-text>site traffic<white-text>, helping <white-text>increase your brands awareness.<white-text>

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Logo's & Branding

Logo's & Branding

<white-text>Branding is the core of any business.<white-text> Meaning, getting it right is crucial for your businesses success. We can design you just a logo or help with the entire branding process.

Branding encompasses:

  • A three tier <white-text>logo<white-text>
  • <white-text>Brand guidelines<white-text> - how to use your logo, fonts, colours and more
  • <white-text>Brand messaging<white-text> - what is the tone of voice, what archetype does your brand fit in to?
  • <white-text>Marketing & physical<white-text> - Business cards, email signatures, packaging and more. Basically anything your customer touches or sees.
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Logo's & Branding
AI - Streamline your business

AI - Streamline your business

<white-text>Artificial intelligent<white-text> softwares are becoming more and more commonplace and powerful. A lot of them can <white-text>help your business thrive and grow<white-text>, while taking pressure off your employees with repetitive tasks. Some ways AI can help:

  • <white-text>Content creation<white-text> for site copy, articles
  • <white-text>Script writing<white-text> for podcasts
  • <white-text>Email responses<white-text> and summaries
  • <white-text>Chatbots for Customer Service<white-text> can provide customers with quick and efficient help, by responding to their inquiries and resolving their issues in real-time
  • Microsoft Office, Edge, Google, Notion and more all offer solutions
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AI - Streamline your business

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Florin Belbe

Florin Belbe


The platform we needed to be built <white-text>was no small task<white-text>, but <white-text>Next Level Digital<white-text> delivered. We have no hesitations in recommending them, <white-text>great work.<white-text>

Amazing work. Just incredible what has been delivered. We have seen a <white-text>3-4x boost in conversions<white-text> minimum. Couldn't be more happy.

Paul Harazim

Paul Harazim


<white-text>I highly recommend<white-text> Next Level Digital for their outstanding web design and marketing services. <white-text>The attention to detail and dedication to their clients is unmatched.<white-text> We are thrilled with the results.

Leanne Sullivan

Leanne Sullivan

Trans-Ax Health Care

We reached out to Next Level Digital for some <white-text>marketing advice and tech support.<white-text> We are <white-text>more than happy<white-text> with the level of service and ease of communication.

Maichel Ghobrial

Maichel Ghobrial

Tweed Physio

It has been our pleasure to work with Ken. <white-text>His work speaks for it self!<white-text> Not only has he done an amazing job with our website design, his marketing skills have also <white-text>helped our business greatly with google ranking.<white-text>